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Boat Deck Installation: Seams

For a Traditional Style deck, the areas left for caulking will be where the main decking meets the margins, the hatches, and the king plank. You want to create a ¼” space between the borders and the planks for a caulked seam that will match the lines in the body of the deck. Start by measuring a 1/4” gap from the inside edge of the border onto the planks (see Fig. 29). Mark this measurement with a pen so you know where your caulk line will be. Cut along the line using a sharp curved blade.

Fig. 29

Fig. 30

The cut needs to be down to the original deck to allow enough depth for the caulking. The gap now has to be cleared out and prepared for caulk. All the edges of the gaps now need to be masked before the caulk can be applied (see Fig. 30). Once masked, cut the end of the caulking tip, making sure the nozzle is small enough to enter the gap. Fill the seam with caulk until it “ABOVE flush” with the decking (see Fig. 31).

Find some small scraps of PlasDECK and use these as spreaders to smooth the caulking out (see Fig. 32). Any excess will flow onto the masking tape. When all gaps have been smoothed, remove masking tape. Whether you are using the Fast Skin Glue or the Sausage Glue for your seams, you must remove the tape before the glue dries. If the glue does dry, your tape is not going to come off.

Fig. 31

Fig. 32

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