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Boat Deck Installation: Finishing

After the caulk has cured, you are almost done! First, run a sharp razor blade or spatula knife across the caulk lines, cutting off any raised areas to make the seams flush with your deck (see Fig. 33). You will notice that your seams are standing out from the rest of the planks on your deck because they are shiny. To lessen the appearance of your new caulk lines, you can sand these with 40 grit sand paper (see Fig. 34). It is important to sand with the grain in the material. After sanding, you may also notice that the material has turned a lighter color. You can use a heat gun, or allow the sun to heat your deck over time, making the color differences unnoticeable.

Fig. 33

Fig. 34

Fig. 35

At this point, you may want to seal the outer edges of your new deck so water will run off properly. This can be done by cutting the tip of your caulk at a 45 degree angle and caulking the outer edges (see Fig. 35). White can be used to blend with the fiberglass, or black may be used to match the lines in the PlasDECK. We recommend the Fast Skin glue for sealing since it quickly forms a skin which will prevent bugs or debris from sticking to your finished caulk line.

Now you can sit back and enjoy your new deck.

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