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Say No to Foam!

Foam boat decks are not durable. Numerous EVA foam boat decking products are available on the market, and common sense will tell you that foam is not very long-lasting. Those decks are made of the same material as the soles of your tennis shoes, and we’ve all seen those wear down. Foam decks can be scuffed, scratched, marred, and warped. Foam decks can’t be repaired like a durable PVC PlasDECK boat deck.

The most serious issue that we have seen on foam decks is melting. Most foam decking providers will ask you to sign a waiver saying that you understand that their deck might melt. And it really does happen. They call it “sunburning” and the melting occurs in areas where light gets amplified. This can happen on decks that might be hit by the reflection of the sun bouncing off of a shiny wall or shiny hardware, or sunlight that goes through a windshield or other glass, or light that bounces off of a corner or high wall. You can read about light amplification on the websites of popular foam floors, where they show photos of their own melted decks and mention that these issues are not covered under their warranty.

PlasDECK will not melt. Check out our ECO Series decking that can be routed similarly to the EVA foam floors, but will last so much longer!

See photos below of just a few of the melted foam decks that we have run across.


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