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PlasDECK Eco Series Revolutionary New PlasDECK ECO SERIES Boat Decking Combines Quality, Affordability and Eco-Friendly Recycling

The award-winning Eco Series includes post-industrial reground and recycled PlasDECK scraps, allowing us to sell this flooring at a lower cost without lowering our standards.

    Bottom layer is composed of PlasDECK regrind.
    Using recycled material allows us to lower our prices without lowering our standards.
    With Eco Series Reveal, personalized design possibilities are endless.

1. Standard Eco Series : Available in large sheets for large boats – an affordable yet durable option for large deck spaces like houseboats and pontoons. PlasDECK Eco Series Sheets are available up to 64 feet long and up. Widths are sold in 6 inch increments. These sheets are available in Regular Plank or Wide Plank styles. Sheets are rolled for shipping and trimmed to fit on site by the customer. PlasDECK Eco Series Sheets are only available without borders.

Available in Aged & Off-white, Aged & Black, Montauk & Off-white, Montauk & Black, Dolphin & Bright White, Natural & Off-white, Natural & Black, Slate & Black with Wide Planks

2. Eco Series Reveal : Available in engraved custom panels for small boats. This is similar to the process used on Eva foam flooring but PlasDECK is much more durable. This can then be put on our CNC machines and any desired design can be engraved into it. This can include lines, borders, logos or geometric shapes at no additional cost. These panels can also be cut to shape from a template.

Reveal is available in Aged, Dolphin, Montauk, Natural, and Teak (with black lines only).

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