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Boats on File

We have numerous boats on file that we’ve built PlasDECK boat decking panels for in the past. In fact, we’ve done so many boats that we’re still going through all of our CAD files and adding to this list as we can! Take a look at our partial list and see if we have your boat already on file. If not, Contact Us and we can look up your boat to see if we have the file.

A Word of Caution: Please keep in mind that many of these panels are based on templates that have been sent in by our customers so we can’t guarantee that these will fit your boat perfectly. Also, one boat deck might not be exactly the same as another, even if it’s the same year and model.

Order a Template: This list of aftermarket boat decks can give you a great idea of what decking can look like on your boat. If you find your boat, and the shapes of the deck spaces look similar to yours, we strongly recommend that you order a template from us. For a small fee, we can cut our file onto template material and send this to you. When you receive the template, just lay it on your boat and make some comparisons. If any changes need to be made, mark the adjustments on the template and mail it back to us. We’ll work with you to ensure that your PlasDECK panels fit perfectly. Contact us today for more information.

Design Possibilities: These drawings show one example of how the decking can look on your boat. PlasDECK panels are custom built for you. Remember that we can always change, add, or remove borders. You can even add custom inlays or logos! The possibilities are endless!

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