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The PlasDECK Synthetic Decking Difference Discover the difference of PlasDECK synthetic decking

The difference is family

PlasDECK isn’t a huge corporation. We’re a family business, and we’re a family of boaters. Not only do we stand behind our products, we stand on them. We use PlasDECK on our personal boats.

From the President of our company to the craftsmen that build the decks here in our shop, we have all installed PlasDECK on our own boats. We are all familiar with our products and we all have the experience to help you with your project.

Since we have first-hand experience with all of our products we have been able to personally evaluate every aspect of our decking and make changes accordingly. We are very confident that PlasDECK is the best synthetic decking on the market. We have a very strict quality vs. quantity policy at PlasDECK. We are sure that you’ll be pleased by the results.

We believe in our products and we welcome you to join the PlasDECK family of satisfied customers.

PlasDECK is the only synthetic teak decking that’s made in the USA

We are proud that all PlasDECK is made in the USA in the Akron, Ohio area. Akron is the polymer capital of the world and we work closely with local engineers to develop the best synthetic teak in the world. Much has been learned over the years while working with first generation PVC materials and PlasDECK has virtually eliminated all of the previous problems. Scientists went all the way down to the molecular level in order to engineer a product that is superior to anything else available.

Non-migrating plasticizers

All types of plastic contain oils or “plasticizers.” These oils are usually free to move around within the plastic. They will migrate to the surface where they can be washed away, or the plasticizers will migrate to the bottom of the material and compromise the glue bond.

The oils in our PVC plastic will not migrate because the oils are locked in place. That means that the PlasDECK won’t dry out, crack, or crumble over time and the PlasDECK will retain its superior adhesion. This proprietary process is unique to PlasDECK decking material and can’t be found in other synthetic decking products on the market. We have been awarded two US Patents (US Patents 7,578,251 & 7,617,791).

Shiplap edges

Our Do-It-Yourself material has shiplap edges to help make perfect seams. Find out how shiplap edges work.

The clean look of freshly oiled or wet teak

PlasDECK looks more like teak decking in its prime. Never gray or faded, PlasDECK will always look like well-maintained teak. Our color and graining are more accurate. Other synthetic decking can appear too uniform, making it look less like natural wood and more like plastic.

The best UV protection

We use the very best UV protection available, which is the same automotive-grade UV protection used in modern automotive plastics. The UV protection goes all the way through our material to stop fading. PlasDECK has long-lasting good looks.

Antifungal inhibitors

Mold and mildew can and will grow in all wet environments. However, with PlasDECK’s anti-fungal additive, mold and mildew will wash off without staining your deck.

Better adhesion

Testing proved that having a embossed surface on the underside of PlasDECK offers better adhesion while using less adhesive than grooved designs. Earlier products are more prone to premature release as it is difficult to ensure all the areas of a grooved design are filled evenly with glue. This can create voids that trap air and moisture under the material and cause bubbles during expansion when the sun warms it.

Patented Peel & Stick

PlasDECK is also the only decking system available with a Peel & Stick pressure sensitive adhesive. Perfect for smooth areas, this pre-applied adhesive will ensure a superior bond while promoting the enhanced speed of installation desired in a manufacturing environment.


Unlike other synthetic decking systems, PlasDECK is unaffected by bleach. It won’t fade PlasDECK, so bleach can be used on board without fear of discoloration.

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