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Boat Decking FAQs Synthetic Teak Products and Installation

⤋ How does shiplap work?

(Note: In the images below, gaps and angles are exaggerated for clarity.)

Dry fit your pieces. Notice that the top edges touch first, making every seam perfect.

As you trowel your glue and begin to lay the PlasDECK, each new strip is pushed gently towards the previous strip. Glue gathers and fills the space between to create a seal. Any excess is pushed up to the surface and cleaned off with denatured alcohol.

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⤋ Where is PlasDECK manufactured?

We are proud to say that all PlasDECK material is extruded in the USA in the Akron, Ohio area. Akron is the polymer capital of the world and we work closely with local engineers to develop the best synthetic teak in the world. PlasDECK is the only synthetic teak decking that’s made in the USA.

⤋ What is PlasDECK made of?

PlasDECK is made of specially formulated flexible PVC. This durable material contains non-migrating plasticizers, the highest UV protection, and anti-fungal agents to ensure that PlasDECK will look great for a very long time. PlasDECK has no wood or cork content which would deteriorate over time.

⤋ What’s a non-migrating plasticizer?

All types of plastic contain oils or “plasticizers.” These oils are usually free to move around within the plastic. They will migrate to the surface where they can be washed away, or the plasticizers will migrate to the bottom of the material and compromise the glue bond.

The oils in our PVC plastic will not migrate because the oils are locked in place. That means that the PlasDECK won’t dry out, crack, or crumble over time and the PlasDECK will retain its superior adhesion. This proprietary process is so unique that PlasTEAK and PlasDECK have been awarded two US patents. Non-migrating plasticizers can’t be found in other synthetic decking products on the market.

⤋ Will PlasDECK fade?

PlasDECK contains the highest UV protection available and this protection is mixed throughout the material, not just on the surface. This UV protection is automotive grade, which is the same type used in modern automotive plastics. PlasDECK will retain its vivid teak-like appearance for many years. Look at our weather testing to see how well PlasDECK holds up when exposed to the elements.

⤋ Is PlasDECK durable?

Yes! PlasDECK is designed to be extremely resilient and dent resistant. Heavy foot traffic is no problem.

⤋ Is PlasDECK slippery when wet?

No! PlasDECK has an excellent no-slip surface that’s superior to teak decking or non-skid fiberglass.

⤋ Is PlasDECK hot?

Like a natural teak deck, or anything dark-colored, PlasDECK will get warm in the sun. PlasDECK can be hosed off with water to keep it cool, just like you would with a teak deck, but PlasDECK won’t become slippery when wet. Deck shoes might also be a good idea on a hot summer day.

We have also developed a new series of PlasDECK material called CoolTEAK which is engineered to stay cool to the touch even in the hottest direct sunlight.

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⤋ How thick is PlasDECK?

PlasDECK is .165 (4.191 mm) thick.

⤋ How heavy is PlasDECK?

PlasDECK is lighter than teak, weighing 1.2 lbs (.6 kg) per square foot.

⤋ Is PlasDECK available in different colors?

Yes! PlasDECK has the largest color selection on the market! Click here to view our color choices for custom PlasDECK panels. 

⤋ How is PlasDECK attached to my boat deck?

We sell and recommend a very effective one-part polyether glue. This glue is applied to the deck and spread with a trowel. Then the PlasDECK is laid in place and smoothed out with a roller.
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⤋ On what kinds of surfaces can PlasDECK be installed over?

Our adhesives will stick to wood, fiberglass, steel, aluminum, and epoxies.

⤋ Does PlasDECK have a warranty?

Yes. PlasDECK material has a five-year warranty. View the warranty by clicking here. 

⤋ Can I install PlasDECK myself?

Yes – absolutely. The DIY option is the most cost effective way to install PlasDECK. PlasDECK DIY material has shiplap edges so that each strip fits seamlessly together as you lay the PlasDECK down on your boat. Installation guides and videos are available on our website and you can call us if you need additional support. We’ll be happy to help you along the way.

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View our installation guides here.

⤋ Does the existing non-skid on my boat need to be ground off?

No. PlasDECK can be installed right on top of a non-skid area. However, you may want to sand the ridge where the non-skid meets the smooth part of the boat deck.

⤋ How much does PlasDECK cost if you Do-It-Yourself?

If you use our Do-It-Yourself products you can estimate approximately $20 per square foot for material and glue. The products that are listed on this website are for DIY installations. If you send us photos and/or drawings of the areas of your boat where you would like decking, we will be happy to make recommendations and help you calculate how much PlasDECK will be needed for your project.

⤋ What’s a premade panel?

You send us an exact template (or CAD file) of the area on your boat where you want to have PlasDECK. We will digitize your template and turn it into a CAD file that will enable us to cut an exact replica of your template with our CNC machine. Custom built preformed PlasDECK panels are sized to fit your deck and ready to be glued down in one solid piece. These panels are precisely sized to match your template and the installation is much quicker than the DIY method.

View our two-part “Template to Finish” video that shows the whole process involved with PlasDECK panels.

⤋ How do I make a template?

Just trace the area of the boat. We recommend using our clear template material because it’s wide, durable, and it’s transparent so you can see through the template material and draw on top of it over hatches and any other fixtures.

Click here to view our instruction guide and learn more about how to make a template.

⤋ Can I put a logo or boat name on my panel?

Sure! We can make custom lettering, logos, boat names, boat brands, dealership names… the possibilities are endless. Contact us to discuss your custom design ideas.

Click here to learn more about inlays. 

⤋ How much do premade PlasDECK panels cost?

The price of a custom built panel will vary according to how complex the design is. On average, a premade panel will cost approximately $40 per square foot. A deck with borders will cost more than a deck without borders because it takes longer for us to build these in our shop. Price can also increase if you have a complex area that includes hatches or intricate curves.

We can also custom build preformed PlasDECK panels that are sized to fit your needs. They are sold in 1′ L x 6″ W increments and make your project a snap because they are ready for you to cut as you see fit and to be glued down in one solid piece. These panels vary in price depending on the PlasDECK material that you choose, and the price ranges from $30 to $38 a square foot. Please note that these panels do not include borders.

⤋ What’s a border?

A traditional natural teak deck requires margin boards that border the entire perimeter of the deck areas. These boards seal the end grains of teak decks to help them last a bit longer. The margin boards are slightly wider than the planks used for the main body of the deck. PlasDECK does not require borders since it is made of PVC, but adding borders can recreate the classic look of a traditional teak deck. PlasDECK provides more design versatility than a wood deck because you also have the option of bordering only certain sections – many people like the look of a hybrid design where only the aft section of the decking has a border. Another option is the totally borderless New York style decking which provides a more modern appearance. The long lines of the New York style also tend to make areas look longer and sleeker.

⤋ How does the material arrive at my boat?

If you do it yourself, the rolls of material, glue, and tools will usually be boxed up and shipped as a parcel. If you purchase premade panels, these will be rolled into a tube. Larger orders weighing more than 100 lbs will usually be packaged on a pallet and will ship as freight on a truck. If you hire a PlasDECK installer, the installer will often finish building custom panels off-site and bring them when they come to install.

⤋ Do I need to oil or varnish my PlasDECK after installation?

No! Never! PlasDECK is a no-maintenance product that will never require the time-consuming and costly maintenance of a teak deck. With PlasDECK you’ll have more time to go out and enjoy your boat.

⤋ How do you care for PlasDECK after installation?

Click here for our Care & Maintenance Guide.

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