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Border Design Ideas

After templating and digitizing, it is time to nail down your PlasDECK border design.  This is where we can have a little fun as there are options for how you would like your boat to look. Traditional wooden teak decks have full borders around everything because these margin boards seal the end grains of the wood to help it last longer. With synthetic teak, this isn’t a concern so there are a lot more design options.

1. New York – has no borders

Like the New York baseball uniforms, the lines of the PlasDECK reach all the way to the perimeter. This is appropriate for spaces like pontoons that have trim covering all of the edges or if there are areas with no elevation change. This option is the least labor intensive to produce and, as such, has the lowest price point.

2. Traditional – ALL the borders

All edges are bordered inside and out. All steps and hatches, all stanchions and table bases, everything gets borders. This design most closely replicates a traditional teak wood deck. Pricewise, this is on the opposite end of the spectrum from New York style because of the time and labor involved to build it.


3. Hybrid – accent borders

This is where we typically land when our designers aren’t given instructions or if we are told to “make it look good”. We use borders as an accent to make the floor look as desirable as possible. We will border the leading edge of steps and hatch lids while not bordering hatch openings or entire perimeters. There is usually a fair bit of flexibility to add or subtract borders as you see fit. About 95% of our decks fall under this category.


Get creative! You can also mix and match styles to get the exact look that you want or to save costs! For example, this boat has a New York style cockpit and a Hybrid style swim platform:

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