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Revolutionary New PlasDECK ECO SERIES Boat Decking Combines Quality, Affordability and Eco-Friendly Recycling

The award-winning Eco Series includes post-industrial reground and recycled PlasDECK scraps, allowing us to sell this flooring at a lower cost without lowering our standards.

Akron, OH, USA:
PlasDECK, Inc., the industry leader of synthetic teak boat decking, announces the launch of a revolutionary new product line. PlasDECK Eco Series has the same look and feel as classic PlasDECK boat decking, and it is made of the same high quality patented flexible PVC, which contains the best possible ingredients, all made and produced in the USA.

However, Eco Series boat decking has a base layer that is made from recycled PlasDECK material. Leftover scraps and cut-offs of PlasDECK are saved at the factory and this material is reground and re-extruded to make Eco Series decking, which contains about 60% of this regrind. This black layer of recycled PlasDECK is on the bottom of the boat decking. The top of the decking has the exact same look as traditional caulk-lined PlasDECK, with all of the beauty of a teak deck but none of the high maintenance and environmental degradation associated with natural teak wood. PlasDECK will not fade, rot, crack, or crumble, and it’s guaranteed to look great for a long time.

The use of recycled material lowers material cost. This savings is passed on to Eco Series customers, offering them a high-quality boat flooring at a competitive price. PlasDECK Eco Series is the perfect option for cost-conscious boat decking installers, from boat builders to boat owners.

PlasDECK Eco Series is only available without borders. The floor is sold as a sheet that can be rolled up and shipped, and then it is cut to size by the customer. Without adding the extra shop time for welding borders or CNC cutting the panels to shape, costs for Eco can be kept even lower. This is a great option for large deck spaces like houseboats or pontoons.

For smaller boats such as inflatables, Eco Series Reveal can also be produced with a solid colored surface that can be engraved with a CNC to reveal the black layer of regrind underneath. Borders, decking lines, and even custom designs can be added this way. This is similar to the process used on EVA foam flooring products but the PlasDECK material is much more resilient.

If you are looking for more customization, PlasDECK continues to provide custom panels made of classic PlasDECK. This is the premium boat decking option that provides endless design possibilities where borders and custom inlays or logos can be added, there are more than 20 colors to choose from, and the panels are built to size.

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