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Marine Fabricator Magazine: The New Wave of Exterior Wave Flooring

Check out a great article in the March/April 2018 issue of Marine Fabricator magazine, featuring a comparison of different types of exterior boat flooring, including PlasDECK. This article is The New Wave of Exterior Marine Flooring by Clint Halladay and it can be found on pages 39-42 of the print edition.

Halladay writes, “Among the flooring options discussed in this article, synthetic teak is the most permanent and durable, and in my opinion it has a nicer, more nautical look once installed. It is also the most expensive option and we’re mostly seeing the product being installed in larger boats. Another benefit of synthetic teak is that the manufacturing process allows you to choose larger panels, which you won’t see with the EVA products.”

A special thank you to Clint Halladay (at Sew Long/ Innovative Marine Canvas in Slat Lake City, UT), for writing the article and for the beautiful PlasDECK deck photos.

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