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Great Lakes Boating Magazine Features New PlasDECK Eco Series

Check out this great article by Great Lakes Boating magazine that discusses the benefits of new PlasDECK Eco Series! 

“How would you like to get half off regular price for alternative teak boat decking? In the past year PlasDECK has developed and started supplying a new line of boat decking products made from recycled production scraps. According to PlasDECK’s international sales coordinator, Jennifer LittleBear, customers pay up to 50% less than they would buying the original decking material.

The company was committed to finding a way to use leftover materials without increasing production costs said LittleBear, “Now, it did turn out a method that’s going to be cost effective enough to be able to pass the savings on to our customers.”

Alternative PVC-based teak boat decking is less expensive than real wood but still considered a higher end product, according to LittleBear. The decking material typically lasts for the life of the boat. Boaters don’t have to worry about discoloration, maintenance or mold/mildew growth on the synthetic teak. It is also less slippery than real teak and there is no need for tedious polishing and hardwood maintenance.

Boat owners have several practical reasons for choosing teak alternatives, but why choose PVC-based decking rather than Eva foam, which is cheaper? Appearance and durability are the two main considerations for investing in PlasDECK.

The new Eco Series is modeled after the PlasDECK product, available since 2006. “It looks exactly the same on top,” said LittleBear, “From the top it’s the exact same color, the exact same texture, the only difference is that layer of black underneath it.” The black underlayer of the Eco Series provides contrast to enable custom engraved panels, similar to Eva foam.

Longevity of the new product is untested, but has a five-year warranty like the original product. “It’s made out of the exact same material, so it has the same great additives, high UV protection that our standard product has,” said LittleBear.

Unlike similar products, the patented formula used to create PlasDECK has stabilized oils that don’t leak, create cracks or weaken the adhesive.

The lower cost particularly appeals to owners and builders of houseboats and pontoon boats, because of the large deck surfaces. “We’ve met a few boatbuilders who are going to use it,” said LittleBear, “It’s great to be able to have an option where someone can get good quality boat decking at a lower price.”

Environmental motivations have always been a concern; the parent company of PlasDECK is PlasTEAK, a family-owned company which has been producing recycled plastic products including boat decking for 23 years. It was only a matter of time before a more eco-friendly version of PlasDECK was developed. “We really wanted to be able to reuse and recycle our leftover material,” said LittleBear.”

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