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PlasDECK Partners with SYNTEAK in Italy to Establish an Exclusive Distributor of PlasDECK Products in Europe

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Akron, OH, USA: PlasDECK, Inc. is pleased to announce that SYNTEAK, a respected boat decking installation company in Italy, is now the exclusive distributor for PlasDECK products throughout Europe and the UK.

SYNTEAK has been involved in the installation of synthetic teak for over 10 years. With more than 4,000 square meters installed per year, SYNTEAK is the best synthetic teak installer in Italy and one of the most experienced in Europe.

SYNTEAK plans to develop a PlasDECK dealer network throughout Europe to make PlasDECK more accessible to European customers. Contact SYNTEAK if you are interested in becoming a dealer in Europe, or if you are interested in getting PlasDECK boat decking installed on your boat in Europe.

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