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PlasDECK Wins a Final Victory Against Flexiteek in Patent Infringement Case

Akron, OH, USA: You may remember that PlasDECK, Inc. was involved in patent litigation with the Norwegian corporation Flexiteek. PlasDECK won that case when the court decided that PlasDECK’s decking material is a unique and original product that does not infringe on their patent. Today the United States Federal Court of Appeals announced that it agrees with the lower court’s decision. This reaffirms PlasDECK’s victory and puts an official end to this patent litigation.

It is good to have this distraction behind us as we strive to bring the best synthetic decking to our customers. Through this whole process we have added over a dozen new colors and combinations, received an Innovation Award at IBEX, improved our equipment and technology, received two new patents, and put more American workers on our payroll. PlasDECK is still the only synthetic teak boat decking that’s made in the USA. We pride ourselves on taking care of our customers with the attentive service that you’d expect from a small company, while maintaining the high standards and advanced manufacturing techniques of a big company. We know you’ll be impressed with the results that can be achieved with PlasDECK.

Click here to read the full Opinion and Judgment of the US Court of Appeals for this case.


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