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PlasDECK releases several new boat decking colors – Seventeen varieties of decking to choose from!

New PlasDECK Color Options
New PlasDECK Color Options

Akron, OH, USA: PlasDECK, Inc., the industry leader of synthetic teak boat decking, has been broadening its color spectrum. The company continues to provide its popular teak-colored decking product, but PlasDECK realizes that the traditional wood look isn’t for everyone. With seventeen different color choices, PlasDECK now provides the most color choices on the market. With such a diverse selection there’s something to appeal to almost all tastes and preferences. Click here to browse our full color selection.

Traditional & Weathered: The traditional teak colored material with black or off-white lines most closely resembles a freshly oiled teak deck. For boat owners who prefer the charming look of aged teak instead, PlasDECK now also offers a subtle new Aged Teak color and an even lighter sun-bleached teak color called Natural Teak, both available with either black or off-white caulk lines. Or, for a very weathered-looking deck, the Slate color looks like weathered wood with gray planks and black caulk lines. For a more contemporary feel, try the bold look of Ebony with black planks and gray caulk lines.

Cool: The popular CoolTEAK decking by PlasDECK is designed not to feel hot on bare feet in the sun and has light maple planks with either teak-colored or black caulk lines. PlasDECK is introducing two new cool colors that won’t feel hot: Ash & Gray and Ash & Blue. The Ash & Gray color has soft gray tones with pale ash-colored planks and light gray lines. The Ash & Blue has light colored planks with a hint of blue coloring throughout the wood grain that matches the blue caulk lines. It’s perfect for boats with blue paint or blue accents.

Metallic: The Metallic series of PlasDECK boat decking also has a sleeker, more modern look. Silver Metallic has been available with black lines, and it is now available with either burgundy or blue caulk lines as well. The new Gold Metallic color has planks that are shimmering gold with black caulk lines. The luxurious look of this decking will complement boats that are richly furnished and this gold color will accentuate any polished brass fixtures.

Glowing: PlasDECK will also continue to offer its IBEX Innovation award-winning glowing Azure synthetic teak boat decking. Cutting-edge phosphorescent technology is incorporated into the off-white caulk lines in the Azure material. After it is charged by normal daylight, the lines glow in the dark with soft azure blue light all night long, from dusk to dawn. This brings a new level of comfort, and safety after dark.

And if you still don’t see the perfect color for you, PlasDECK can create custom colors with a minimum order quantity. Anything is possible! All colors of PlasDECK are made of PlasDECK’s high quality patented flexible PVC, which contains the best possible ingredients. Low-maintenance PlasDECK will not fade, rot, crack, or crumble, and it’s guaranteed to look great for a long time.

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