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NEW! PlasDECK Stair Edging Glows in the Dark for Added Safety at Night!

PlasDECK Azure stair edging at night.
The Azure stair edge glows with blue light at night to help make steps safe.

Akron, OH, USA:  PlasDECK has created a stair edging with an Azure rounded bullnose edge that glows in the dark for added safety at night.The new stair edging (PlasDECK part number E-604-AZ) contains the same cutting edge glow-in-the-dark technology that can be found in PlasDECK’s award-winning Azure boat decking which provides the ability to see the deck after dark. After Azure is charged by normal daylight, the lines in the material glow a soft azure blue from dusk to dawn, bringing a new level of comfort, security, and safety after dark. This environmentally-friendly natural light doesn’t depend on batteries or wires.With the introduction of Azure stair edging, PlasDECK adds another safety feature. Stairs can be difficult to navigate on a boat at night, especially for a guest who is not familiar with a deck’s layout. With Azure stair edging, the steps will be accented with soft blue light to help guide the way. This product can be used by the Do-It-Yourself PlasDECK installer or it can be incorporated into prefabricated custom PlasDECK panels. Like all PlasDECK boat decking, the Azure is made of PlasDECK’s patented flexible PVC, which contains only the best ingredients.The Azure 604 has a rounded bullnose edge that is great for stairs.


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