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PlasDECK Receives a Patent in the United Kingdom.

Akron, OH, USA:  The Patent Office of the United Kingdom has issued a patent to PlasTEAK Inc. for their synthetic teak decking material, PlasDECK. PlasDECK has been granted United Kingdom patent #GB2456605 which validates the unique chemistry and design of the PlasDECK decking material.

The UK patent reflects PlasDECK’s two U.S. patents and reinforces the distinct differences in PlasDECK’s material that give them a competitive edge in the decking market. PlasDECK has U.S. patents 7,578,251 and 7,617,791 and South African patent #2008/09157. PlasDECK is the only synthetic teak decking that is manufactured in the United States.

PlasDECK looks forward to promoting its boat decking to the marine industry in the United Kingdom and will begin to seek distributors of PlasDECK in that region.

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