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New! CoolTEAK Boat Decking is Now Available with Black Caulk Lines

Two Options for CoolTEAK boat decking.
CoolTEAK is now available with either teak or black colored caulk lines.
CoolTEAK boat decking is now available with black lines.
CoolTEAK with black caulk lines.

Akron, OH, USA:PlasDECK introduces a new color option featuring black caulk lines for CoolTEAK boat decking. CoolTEAK is the only synthetic decking that’s designed to stay 25°F to 30°F cooler than all other PVC decking material. CoolTEAK will not feel hot on bare feet, even in full sun. CoolTEAK has the elegant appearance of traditional maple planking and is made of the same high quality material that you expect from PlasDECK. Traditional CoolTEAK has teak-colored caulk lines. CoolTEAK with black caulk lines offers a bold new look for CoolTEAK and is now available in pre-made panels based on your templates or CAD files.


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