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June 23, 2011 – Featured Installation: Awesome compass inlay by TT Custom Marine

Holly Springs, NC: Yet another top-notch install job by TT Custom Marine! This Silverton 45C features an awesome custom compass rose inlay. TT Custom Marine used black PlasDECK Ebony and light strips of CoolTEAK material to create the contrasting dark and light colors for the compass rose. They surrounded the compass with blank teak-colored material to really make the design stand out. With PlasDECK’s spectrum of color choices, the possibilities for custom inlay are endless.

Custom Compass Rose
Contrasting colors of PlasDECK create this beautiful custom design.
Compass Rose Inlay
Compass rose inlay by TT Custom Marine.


The rest of this deck features classic PlasDECK with teak planks and black caulk lines. The outer edges of the deck are bordered like a traditional teak deck, but the hatches are unbordered so they blend in with the rest of decking. Unbordered hatches can make deck space look larger, and on this Silverton the unbordered hatches help draw attention to the compass inlay. The end result is sleek and elegant.

” This one took some time to get it just right but the results are pretty stunning, at least according to the owners who are VERY happy,” says Travis Tea of TT Custom Marine. Nice work, Travis!

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