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March 25, 2011 – PlasDECK releases updated website with new resources and easier navigation

 Akron, OH: PlasDECK Inc., an industry leader in synthetic teak boat decking, focuses on customer service by redesigning its website. The new website, which has more customer resources than the previous website, features improved navigation as well as an up-to-date news blog, an enhanced gallery, and translation into 30 different languages. The dramatic redesign, created by the company’s in-house digital team, embodies PlasDECK’s forward–thinking vision and commitment to the growing needs of its clients. With this the new web layout, PlasDECK aims to showcase the company’s latest innovations while providing easily accessible resources for PlasDECK installation. The result is pages that are targeted at helping potential and current PlasDECK customers do their research and learn more about the decking products.

PlasDECK offers three options for decking installation: DIY, pre-made panels, or professional installation. Do-It-Yourself customers have access to videos and downloadable or online guides to learn tips and tricks to a successful installation. If a customer prefers to make a template of their deck and send it to PlasDECK to be pre-made as one solid panel ready to be glued down, the website has a new video of the templating process and also demonstrates how the panels are built. Or, PlasDECK provides a list of experienced installers located throughout the country who can complete the entire installation process from start to finish.

PlasDECK is also currently in the process of building an online store. In addition to these online resources, PlasDECK continues to offer exceptional customer service and can be contacted directly by phone (1-800-320-1841), fax (1-330-666-0844), or contact us.

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