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February 3, 2011 – Featured Installation: Creative CoolTEAK inlay installed by Rosemark Yachts

Fort Myers, Florida: Rosemark Yachts has recently completed the installation of these custom PlasDECK panels for a customer’s boat. These panels are built using PlasDECK material with off-white lines, and the panels are fully bordered like a traditional teak deck. Rosemark sent the templates for this deck to PlasDECK Inc. and the panels were built to size in PlasDECK’s shop.

Blank CoolTEAK material (without caulk lines) was used to add a tuna fish inlay. The maple look of the CoolTEAK really stands out next to the teak look of the PlasDECK planks. With PlasDECK’s new color spectrum, the creative possibilities are endless! Images, logos, or a boat name can be added to any boat deck. Contact us for more information.

Rosemark Yachts did an excellent job of installing the finished panels. Take a look at the photo!

Rosemark Yachts Tuna Inlay
CoolTEAK Inlay of Tuna Fish

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