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January 12, 2011 – Featured Installation: Check out this great DIY install by Xcelerator Boat Works!

Xcelerator_1Iron Station, North Carolina: This week Xcelerator Boat Works sent us photos of a DIY installation that they’ve been working on for their latest project boat, the center-console-style X28 CC. This is Xcelerator’s first time using PlasDECK and they are using the Shiplap DIY material for a traditional deck with full borders. With the Shiplap they are able add nice details.

“Just wanted to say I’m very pleased with the product you sent me last week. We received it Friday night and fit, cut, and glued it Saturday and Sunday. Just have to fill in seams and we’re done. Very easy to work with,” said Joel Kauffman, of Xcelerator Boat Works.

Check out these photos of the X28 CC during the install. Great job, Xcelerator!



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