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September 27, 2010 – PlasDECK launches two innovative new product lines.

PlasDECK’s AZURE glows in the dark, and CoolTEAK stays cool in the sun!

Akron, OH, USA: PlasDECK announces the launch of two new styles of synthetic teak boat decking. For several years, PlasDECK has provided the look of a classic teak deck, without the costly and time-consuming maintenance. Now, PlasDECK offers the new Azure series with glowing caulk lines to define deck spaces after sundown, and CoolTEAK which is cooler to the touch in the hot sun.

The new PlasDECK Azure series provides the ability to see the deck after dark. New cutting-edge phosphorescent technology is incorporated into the caulk lines in the material. After it is charged by normal daylight, the lines glow a soft azure blue from dusk to dawn. This brings a new level of comfort, security, and safety after dark. This environmentally-friendly natural light doesn’t depend on batteries or wires. Wherever the decking is installed – be it platform, step, or cockpit – the boundaries of safe passage are clearly marked. This product is patent pending.

By popular demand, PlasDECK has also created the only synthetic decking that’s designed to stay 25°F to 30°F cooler than all other PVC decking material. CoolTEAK will not feel hot on bare feet, even in full sun. CoolTEAK has the elegant appearance of traditional maple planking with teak colored caulk lines.

Both Azure and CoolTEAK are made of PlasDECK’s patented flexible PVC, which contains only the best ingredients. PlasDECK always uses the highest UV protection to protect against fading, antifungal inhibitors which ensure that mold and mildew will wash right off without staining the deck, and non-migrating plasticizers which stop the movement and evaporation of oils in the plastic. That means that the PlasDECK won’t dry out, crack, or crumble over time and the PlasDECK will retain its superior adhesion. This proprietary process is unique to PlasDECK decking material and can’t be found in other synthetic decking products on the market. PlasDECK is also the only synthetic teak decking that’s made in the USA, and the only product with the option of Peel & Stick pressure sensitive adhesion.

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