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December 2, 2009 – The U.S. patent office issues another patent for PlasDECK.

PlasDECK has U.S. patents 7,578,251 and 7,617,791

Akron, OH, USA: The U.S. Patent Office has issued a second patent for PlasDECK, the only USA manufacturer of synthetic teak boat decking.

PlasDECK’s patents have been pending and the issuance of this second patent validates the unique state-of-the-art properties of their decking material. The granting of the patent recognizes that PlasDECK is considerably different from competing products. The patent declares that PlasDECK has a unique formulation of PVC that allows it to become a peel-and-stick product with a pressure sensitive adhesive backing.

PlasDECK comes from the makers of PlasTEAK, a small family-owned US company who has worked hard to earn its place in the marine industry over the past fifteen years.

“We are pleased that both of our patents have been issued,” says Bill Gribble, President of PlasDECK. “It’s the distinct differences in PlasDECK’s material that have given us a competitive edge in the decking market in comparison to earlier products. That’s why we have marketed PlasDECK as the next generation of synthetic decking.” PlasDECK has promoted itself as the next generation of synthetic boat decking because it has been formulated specifically to eliminate many of the problems encountered with synthetic decking in the past. The makers of PlasDECK have gone to the base material and improved it from the inside out by using a unique proprietary process involving non-migrating plasticizers which prevent the plastic from drying out. PlasDECK also contains the highest UV protection to prevent fading, anti-fungal agents to stop mildew, and an embossed bottom that will ensure maximum adhesion and will not trap air like decking products with grooved bottoms. The color and graining of PlasDECK gives the material its unique and realistic appearance. PlasDECK looks more like freshly oiled natural teak wood.

PlasDECK is confident of the uniqueness of their decking material and will keep working to improve their product. The company is currently developing a new boat decking product called CoolTEAK which will feel cooler than existing products even in hot summer sun.

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